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Internet Ministries has given our church a global presence on the Internet that exceeded all expectations. Our congregation has received an added number of people to our weekly bible studies and worship services as the result of our online presence. We are grateful to have Internet Ministries as the host of our website.

- Stephen James

The technical support and customer service provided by Internet Ministries has served us well. Getting our website developed went well and making updates to our site are easy to do, but when needed we can always count on their Tech Support team for assistance. I appreciate the fact that they provide this service to the churches of Christ.

- Sandy Powers

Since we went online with a website last year a number of people have visited our congregation and some have even put on Christ for the remission of sins. People locally and abroad have requested online bible studies and this type of ministry has served to energize a number of our members. We are pleased to have Internet Ministries as our web host provider and website developer. We look forward to a continued relationship with Internet Ministries.

- Jack Watts

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